Visitor in My Body

Short film (approx. 10 min)

Visitor in My Body is an experimental narrative short film concerning the identity crisis caused by a serious illness.

The story takes place in the attic of an old house. There, a small girl and a grown woman spend time together. They interact more as friends, although they could be mother and daughter. While they play together, the two discuss illness and share memories. The disease made them reconsider who they are.

As the story unfolds, the thin line between reality and fiction fades and the characters’ identities start to merge. The fractured narration becomes an allegory for identity: What happens when the story on oneself is incomplete, when a person’s identity is brought into a crisis? Can the narrative be repaired, or does it have to be replaced?

See the film on Youtube here.

Original format: S16 mm film

Master format: Digital Betacam

Screening formats: DVD / Digital Betacam / BetaSP

Director and Writer: Riikka Kuoppala

Cast: Elisa Salo, Ilona Karppelin

Cinematographer: Jan-Niclas Jansson

Editors: Andrea Zapata-Girau, Riikka Kuoppala, Heidi Mäkinen

Sound Designer: Jarno Muhonen

Producer: TAMK, School of Art and Media

Financial support by: Finnish Cultural Foundation and TAMK

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