No Signs of Fear

Video (approx. 4,5 min)

No Signs of Fear is a short narrative video. A young American woman tries to relate to history and what is going on in the world around her. She tells stories in her videoblog about a brother who disappeared long before she was born, and looks for signs of bombings in her house.

Finding out and describing who we are is a constant process of appropriating and sharing narratives. Stories of war are a part of many nations’ shared history but they also have a personal meaning to the people who lived through it.

The events in the stories the protagonist is appropriating seem far away, both geographically and historically. Internet brings everything closer but nothing is experienced first hand. Is it even possible to understand?

Original format: HDV

Screening format: DVD

Director, writer, editor: Riikka Kuoppala

Cinematography: James R. Southard

Cast: Alia Poonawala

Sound designer: Johannes Vartola

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