And That’s All I Remember

Video installation (duration of the video approx. 17 min)

Grandfather says that grandmother is not Finnish anymore. She has lain in the Namibian soil so long, that she has become Namibian. I don’t know that grandmother. Grandfather tells how he built a coffin at night. In the story that I remember, grandfather is always alone.

I traveled to Namibia to look for traces of a family legend. The installation circulates around the day when my grandmother, a young doctor, died suddenly in 1954. As the story unfolds, personal recollections intertwine with historical events and relations between missionary work, apartheid and colonialism.

The installation consists of a suspended house sculpture, on the surface of which a story is being told. The spectator, who is guided in the space with sound, has to walk around the house to be able to follow the narration that moves from one wall to another. The purpose of the multi-channel editing is to render visible the polyphony and different points of view of the narrative, and to find a way to tell a story in a three-dimensional space rather than on a flat surface.

Cinematography: Pekka Niskanen
Production: Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains
Production support: AVEK, Oskar Öflund Foundation

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